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Goldhill Developments

Synonymous with its founder Mr. William Goei, Goldhill Developments has focused on property development and related activities as its core business since 1963

In total, Goldhill Developments and its associated companies, have developed over three million square feet of commercial and retail properties, and over one thousand residential units in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia

With its commitment to excellence, Goldhill Developments and its associated companies have established an excellent reputation for the consistent and superior standards of its developments, which incorporate high quality materials and finishes, alongside reliably practical yet elegant designs 

An innovator in multi-purpose and mixed use real estate, Goldhill Developments has been involved in numerous projects that are not only practicable, but which have poignantly touched the lives of Singaporeans in the early years of post-independence


Big Splash (1978) was Singapore’s first water park, and featured an 85 metre long water slide, purported at the time to be the longest and highest in the world. This was complimented by both a 200 metre long flow pool and a wave pool. Even today, the former site of Big Splash continues to warm the hearts of visitors through Singapore's tallest outdoor play feature 

Big Splaash 1978 60% sepia medium_edited.jpg

Characterised by a dedication to distinction, Goldhill Developments is a forerunner in the twin priorities of urban landscape beautification, yet without compromise on functionality

Both Goldhill Towers (1968) and Goldhill Gardens (1968) form the crux of Goldhill Estate. This neighbourhood is not only an oasis of serenity teeteringly close to the shopping mecca of Orchard Road, but also a highly coveted enclave due to its walking proximity to Singapore’s finest schools   

Focusing equally on both style and substance, Goldhill Developments is a pioneer in the seamless amalgamation of the aesthetic within the everyday environs of commercial property

Goldhill Plaza’s (1973) Mural by Eduardo Castrillo is an intricately stunning sculpture etched directly into the lobby walls, inspired by the rise and emergence of a migrant people, the theme of modern Singapore

Goldhill Square 1982 v1 60% sepia medium_edited.png
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