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One North Bridge v3 sepia.jpg
One North Bridge

Stylish offices and apartments on the riverfront, combined with one-of-a-kind magnificent views. Located across the river from Raffles Place in the  refined civic district

Goldhill Square 1982 v1 sepia (medium).jpg
Goldhill Square

Effortlessly beautiful office and retail complex, with a unique 'W' shape skyscraper. The fist major high-rise building with combined shopping centre located outside the CBD

Goldhill Plaza 1973 sepia.jpg
Goldhill Plaza

Uniquely designed, 'feng shui' approved circular office complex. A major high-rise building that pioneered the concept of high-rise office space outside the CBD

Fu Lu Shou 1983 sepia.jpg
Fu Lu Shou Complex

A whimsically artistic commercial property development, comprising 140 retail units and 30,000 square feet of office space. The sculptured gods of fortune at the front certainly approve

Coronation Plaza 1979 sepia.jpg
Coronation Plaza

Understatedly chic six level mixed use complex with 4 levels of commercial and retail space and 21 residential apartment

Duxton Hill 1989 sepia.jpg
Duxton Hill

An elegant conservation development, ushering the sublime Tanjong Pagar shophouses of yore to a more refined age 

Villa Des Flores 1983 sepia.jpg
Villa Des Flores

Exquisite 41 unit condominium project offering both townhouse and apartment designs. The first significant residential project in Singapore to reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle 

Novena Ville 1980 sepia.jpg
Novena Ville

Delightful four level mixed use complex with ground retail space and 33 residential apartments above

Newton Point 1981 sepia fotor.jpg
Newton Point

A classy high-rise apartment building befitting a highly desired residential enclave

Big Splash v3 1978 sepia.jpg
Big Splash

The first water park in the region, with the purported highest water slide in the world at the time. A superlative experience for those seeking fun and warmth under the tropical sun

Balestier Complex 1979 sepia.jpg
Balestier Complex

Quietly discerning mixed use complex offering retail space with apartments above

Goldhill Mansions 1971 sepia.jpg
Goldhill Mansions

A charming four storey walk-up project. Offering a glorious 'In the Mood for Love' aura for the aficionados 

Goldhill Shopping Centre 1969 sepia.jpg
Goldhill Shopping Centre

Endearing low-rise retail and office building complex. Catering to small businesses requiring offices outside the CBD, it popularised the concept of mixed use developments 

Goldhill Towers 1968 sepia.jpg
Goldhill Towers

Alluring high-rise with a total of 50 residential units. Combined with the low-rise Goldhill Gardens, this was a forerunner for developments of a mixed residential nature

Goldhill Gardens 1968 sepia.jpg
Goldhill Gardens

A serenely lovely project with a total of 110 terrace and semi-detached houses. Combined with the high-rise Goldhill Towers, this was a forerunner for developments of a mixed residential nature 

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